Cupcake is a kind of food, formula is eggs, 240 g, 102 g sugar, flour, 102 g strong flour (), hair oil cake speed 10 grams, water 56 g (can be replaced by milk half water half), 40 grams of oil, the paper cups.

First stir DaQi, the egg and sugar and cake hair oil into the stir DaQi,Stirring time with busy first slide the eggs and sugar, in about 2-3 minutes to beat fast, stirring time you will see the eggs and cakes hair oil begins to foam, the egg began to swell, container when you use your fingers to stir up the eggs bubble has got ready to plastic (plastic is on your fingers is not a smooth surface, pointed shape). This time need not beat, in turn, add flour and water with the hand with stir DaQi slowly stir (don't get too hard oh). Add salad oil mixture. (must be beaten or baked oil can sink to the bottom of baking). Pour into cups smoothing over. Temperature is: heat under 180 fire 180 (if you want to color depth can raise touchy) differentiate mature: bake 8-10 minutes to take it out and see, press gently with the palm cake surface if there is "nothing,